Margaret S. Ewing Outstanding Mentor Award

I am beyond honored to be awarded the Margaret S. Ewing Outstanding Mentor Award by the Zoology Graduate Student Society (ZoGSS). Here are the lovely things they had to say:

Finally, the Margaret S. Ewing Outstanding Mentor Award goes to a faculty or staff member who has dedicated excellence involved with mentoring students. This year’s recipient joined OSU in January 2020 and is already a mentor to 13 undergraduate students, two Master’s students, and one PhD student with two additional graduate students joining this summer. She is dedicated to building a research lab that is both diverse and inclusive by creating spaces which allow students to bring who they are to every aspect of their work. She is also serves as a faculty mentor on the OSU branch of Out in STEM, a non-profit national organization that empowers LGBTQ+ people to succeed personally and professionally in STEM. She is also a strong advocate for women in STEM, as she was one of the founding members of 500 Women Scientists, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making science open, inclusive, and accessible by fighting racism, the patriarchy, and oppressive societal norms that women and nonbinary people often face in STEM. Additionally, she spearheaded the Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conference, which is a weekend-long symposium designed to introduce middle-school girls to engaging careers in STEM and in the process builds a supportive community of young women scientists as they continue their STEM engagement. ZoGSS is pleased to present this award to Dr. Elizabeth McCullagh!

Here is some info about the amazing woman after which the award is named: “Dr. Margaret S. Ewing received an M.S. in 1964 and a Ph.D. in 1966, both in Zoology from Oklahoma State University. In her distinguished career in Zoology, she has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts and coauthored two books.  Dr. Ewing has received noteworthy awards for teaching and other scholarly work, including the AMOCO Foundation Outstanding Teaching Award, the OSU Regents Distinguished Teaching Award, the American Fisheries Society Distinguished Service Award, and the Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award, among others. The Zoology Graduate Student Society named their outstanding mentor award for her. Moreover, she has contributed to the Women’s Studies Program and has brought into the light issues related to support for women in science. Dr. Ewing was the first woman promoted to full professor in the Department of Zoology at OSU.” From