Here’s to your future!

It’s always bittersweet when students graduate or leave. I am so thankful for all of the contributions they have brought to the lab, including helping me set everything up and helping me learn to be a mentor.

This year brings a particularly large cohort of students who are graduating – here is some a tidbit of the projects that they worked on:

Team Frog 🐸

Molly Hood – co-advised with Dr. Jodie Wiggins

Molly hopes to go to dental school, and I have no doubt that she will get there! Molly had the daunting task of getting some of the anatomy on frogs going in the lab. She was certainly up for the challenge and learned brain slicing (on two different types of vibratomes), immunofluorescence, H & E staining, as well as a source of constant support to her fellow Team Frog cohort. She recently presented their work at the Karen L. Smith undergraduate research symposium.

Kanece Ham

Kanece just recently joined the lab, we wish we had found each other sooner! She may stick around for the summer and continue to help out with Team Frog, which we are very much looking forward to. Happy Graduation!

Courtney Byrd

Courtney has been a wonderful addition to my lab. I was so happy when she interviewed and wanted to join Dr. Michael Reichert’s lab. She has such great insight for experiments and endless ideas of future directions for work. It is clear she is also passionate about teaching, have received the Departmental M.S. Teaching Award in her first year as a graduate student. Your future students are lucky to have you and I know you are going to excel as a K-12 teacher.

Team Microscope 🔬

Alex Blackwell (OK-LSAMP)

Alex was one of the first students in my lab, and I could not be more grateful to have her working with me! Between analyzing auditory brainstem data, learning to use the epifluorescent microscope to take images, and train others in the lab, she has been a great resource. We wish you the best of luck for your senior year closer to your family.

Prekshika Patel

While Prekshika joined the lab recently, she jumped right in with both feet! She has been instrumental in keeping up with the microscope imaging that Addi and Jordyn keep pumping out. Thank you!

Team Wild Rodent 🐁

Jordyn Sisovsky

I had the pleasure of teaching Jordyn in Spring 2020 for my Behavioral Neuroendocrinology class, and I am so glad she reached out to join the lab last Fall. She has learned both auditory brainstem physiology and anatomical methods with apparent ease. Always fearless when we are out collecting wild rodents and working with animals in whatever capacity, we are surely going to miss your skills! We hope you can stick around some this summer and continue working in the lab in your spare time.

Team Mouse 🐭 (Mus spicilegus)

Bailey Hinshaw (Honors Student)

Bailey was the first student to reach out to me about research opportunities (before I even joined as faculty at OSU!). She is a constant presence in the lab and quickly took on and lead her independent Honors thesis project. In addition to being a great scientist, Bailey has been a rock for the lab and her lab mates. She is always available to help out whenever needed and happy to take on any challenge that comes her way. She is going to be an excellent doctor and I wish you the best in medical school!

Allison Lawrence

Allison was a student of mine in Fall 2020 Principles of Neuroscience. She has been super helpful in doing the dirty work of the lab including helping me renovate the animal space in preparation for the arrival of my mice. We are hoping she will be around this summer to continue with analysis help and wish her best of luck in her dreams to be a veterinarian.