Lab updates!

It has been a whirlwind of a past few months! Here are a few quick highlights of what is going on in the lab!


  1. New members joining! We have several new PhD graduate students that started this summer, Luberson Joseph and Sabiha Alam. We have our newest MS quickly-turned PhD student Jesse Hurd that joined this Fall. Welcome!
  2. New undergrads joining! Lots of new undergrads joining the lab including Madeline Loosen, Gabby Byus, Elizabeth Farmer, Casey Sergott, Patrick Crotty, and Melissa Sullivan.
  3. Welcome back to returning undergrads, Addi Gaut, Ishani Ray, Adam Ramirez, Margaret New, and Kaitlyn Welker and of course M.S. student Rachael Brodsky and Ph.D. student Amita Chawla.

*check out more info about everyone here.


  1. In collaboration with members of 500 Women Scientists, we evaluated the gage. platform. Our results were published in September in FACETS:
  2. Manuscript submitted examining myelination deficits in the brainstem of Fragile X Syndrome mice. This is work that is the basis for a new NIH NICHD R15 award (see below!). Much of this work was generated by awesome technicians Shani Poleg and Alexandra Lucas while I was a postdoc in Achim Klug’s lab. Check it out on BioRxiv:
  3. First manuscript from the lab submitted for review! This manuscript characterizing the hearing ability of a social rodent, the monogamous prairie vole. Margaret New collected some of this data with lots of help to set up our system from Dr. Tim Lei and Ben-Zheng Li. Check it out on BioRxiv:


We got our first major grant as a new lab! Thanks to funding from the National Institutes of Health NICHD R15 AREA mechanism we now have funding to pursue the myelination project for which our first publication is under review right now – see above. For some more info check out this blurb on the Department of Integrative Biology’s website:

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