Lab comings and goings

First off, big congratulations 🎊 🎈 πŸŽ‰ to graduating seniors Patrick Crotty and Addi Gaut!!!

Patrick was in the lab for the semester and was super helpful working with Amita to do some immunohistochemistry. He is off to medical school next year (wherever he decided to go will be lucky to have him). It was wonderful to get to know you as both my student in Principles of Neuroscience and in the lab!

Addi will be sorely missed! She is starting at University of Tulsa Law School in January and I couldn’t be more proud! Addi joined the lab as a junior and quickly took over all of the anatomical experiments. Not only was she a quick learner and independent, but she was able to bring a new technique into the lab and then teach me (RNAscope). There are several publications that will be coming out of the work she put into her time at OSU, so stay tuned. I’m not sure what we will do without her, but I know she is going to be a wonderful lawyer.

Rachael Brodsky (M.S. student) is also off to pursue new interests. She is leaving us to go to school for social work at OU. Rachael is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people I know and I am sure she is going to thrive in her new program.

Other Updates

Undergrads Gabby Byus and Elizabeth Farmer presented their work with frogs 🐸 at the Karen L Smith Symposium hosted by the Integrative Biology Department. Both did an amazing job, and Elizabeth tied for first place for her presentation!

We had the wonderful update that former Team Frog 🐸 undergrad Molly Hood has been accepted into dental school at OU – also super proud and couldn’t be happier for her!

Lastly we had our first lab holiday party! It was really nice to wind down the semester with folks and eat, drink (sparkling cider), and be merry!