Research Interests

Sensory systems play an important role in integrating information from an animal’s environment to drive an appropriate behavioral response. The auditory system is one of the first sensory systems to fully develop in many animals and often shows the first signs of nervous system impairment. Processing of sound location that computes information from both ears occurs in the auditory brainstem of mammals. The early development and sensitivity to disruption of this part of the auditory system makes the auditory brainstem an ideal circuit to understand the brain in both normal and altered states.

lab image final.png
Image of boy with FXS from Peter Saxon

The lab has three main research areas:

Weird Organisms

Work with local treefrogs in collaboration with the Reichert Lab ( to examine localization processing ability
Gray Treefrog found in Stillwater, OK

Autism and Fragile X Syndrome

We examine changes in auditory brainstem processing in FXS/ASD
ILD circuit

Modern Techniques

AAV-Halorhodpsin in MNTB cells in the auditory brainstem of gerbils